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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Denim Updated...

What a great idea this is to give your old denim jacket a new look! This photo is from Kelly Hick's blog and I love the look. I have an old jean jacket just that shade of blue and I am going to have to get my scissors out, cut the sleeves off and wash and dry it to get that frayed look. She just posted this on Friday but I just had to share...Thanks for the great idea Kelly!

XO Jill

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  1. I like that too - in fact, I have two jean jackets that I never wear anymore. Though, I have to wonder if the perfect body shape is what makes it look so good - I'll let you know! oh, by that I mean, I don't have the perfect body shape, so it could be very bad!
    thanks for you nice message on my last post.