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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspirational Post....

I just wanted to say.....thanks for all of the comments on my last post! I am new to blogging and who would have known that all of you, like me would find the video of that little girl....chanting in front of the mirror about what she loves.... so thought provoking... It made us all want a little piece of what she has... the love of the life that we are living right now...not worrying about has happened in the past or what's in store for us in the future...but loving what you have right now... Each day is a fresh start, a new beginning... something we all need reminding of from others all of the time to keep us from not missing out on our very own life... Slow down, have faith, and listen carefully and you will be amazed at how it can transform your day, your week and your life! So on this day....Wednesday... if you have been racing uphill through the week at full speed, try coasting through the rest of the week...looking around and  putting the breaks on a little to slow down and experience all there is to see, experience and be thankful for!

Check out Jane's post today from her inspirational blog.... The Painted House
Thanks Jane!

XO Jill


  1. Thanks so much Jill! I love how blogging connects me to new people and I'm sure glad you found me. I am looking forward to daily visits here!

  2. Hi Jill
    Love this - so so important not to 'miss out on our own lives' as you said. Sometimes it seems like you have to be going 100 miles an hour to be doing something really amazing, but when you slow down, amazing things can happen too. Thanks for stopping by Do What You Love! Hope to see you again

  3. A lovely post Jill...I hope the rest of the week is filled with joy!

  4. Hmm...I always promise myself to slow down but its so hard to do so...Isn't?
    Great post my dear...great thought for the morning...I will try to slow down a bit today!
    Thank you for that:)
    Wish you a lovely Thursday...:)

  5. Just found your blog- that's such a great reminder. All too often I'm flying through my week without taking the time to enjoy it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I'm enjoying blogging as well. It is important to slow down... my husband is always coming home late, travelling, working weekends... and I really sometimes wish he could just take some time off... but he can't. Horrid, isn't it.