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Friday, May 21, 2010

Memories of my 70's Childhood...

I had this same phone growing up, only ours was gold! My parents remodeled our kitchen when I was around 10 and although it was small, it mimicked the style of "The Brady's" kitchen with orange formica counter tops and walnut cabinets. The wallpaper was gold with spices all over it... and a gold phone to match. It sounds horrible now but we were really stylin' then... 
My mom had a blonde shag haircut and my dad had a longer style haircut parted on the side, and they were sporting maxi skirts and leisure suits! Those were the days! How groovy was our family in the seventies... Oh by the way, we did have the long phone cord on ours so you could reach everything in the room. I guess we were privileged(not). The problem with the long phone cord was that it would get so tangled and twisted, that you would have to stand on a kitchen chair and unwind it every once in a while... 
Remember that? Or am I dating myself....


  1. Ha! My memories are from the 80s, but we had the super-long phone cords, too. We also had - wait for it - a tomato phone. Oh yeah!

  2. Good old times...Ahhh thank you for taking me there:)
    Kisses and enjoy your day:)

  3. Jill, my memories are 80's era memories but I know my grandmother's kitchen was decorated in the 70's - "harvest gold" appliances - does that ring a bell??? I would LOVE to do a retro kitchen just like hers. However, orange IS my favorite color so your childhood kitchen is sounding pretty fantastic right about now! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog!