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Friday, May 14, 2010

I hear Italy calling my name...

I am married to a guy whose heritage is one hundred percent Italian and I am a blonde haired blue eyed girl of German and English descent who's parents grew up,conservative New Englanders from Vermont and New Hampshire. When I watched the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the first time, it reminded me of times we have brought our two families together during the holidays and I could so relate to the scene in the movie where his parents are invited to the Greek family party...So hysterically funny! My mother is the one bringing the bundt cake to the eccentric, boisterous Christmas Eve celebration at my sister-in-law's home. My extended family is so warm and welcoming and are always gracious enough to include my parents in any holiday family get together since my only sibling lives out of state. The Christmas Eve celebration at "The Didios" is the highlight of the season for my 3 children... and as the kids getter older, and some of the cousins are having their own kids,the party continues to change and grow...sometimes making you wonder...who are these people at our family Christmas party... So much fun!

My husband spent a year abroad his junior year of college and traveled Europe on his school breaks,and often talks about his time spent in Italy. He had to return several years ago for business, and unfortunately, I was not able to get away to join him. I have never been to Italy but I have a feeling, if I did go, I would not want to ever come back!

Here are some beautiful and colorful photos taken by a photographer from Switzerland named,Pascel Boegll. Check out his work... Such vivid color. On this Friday evening, go pour your self a glass of red vino, put on some italian music on Pandora radio and scroll through these photographs and drift away to Italy if only in your imagination... Have a wonderful weekend...

XO Jill


  1. So beautiful. Looks like pictures from a postcard.

  2. wow, i love the photos. and the story about you and your husband is really romantic and beautiful. i hope that i'll find a guy like that :)


  3. i believe it is calling mine too... hehe
    gorgeous pictures!

  4. I studied in Italy for a partial semester in college. Rome, Florence, Sienna and Venice. Oh, I have such lovely memories of the time spent there!