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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Other House...

Or did I mean to say...I wish this was my other house!

I have had this photo saved on my desktop for quite sometime and can't seem to recall where I got it from or what I'm to do with it.... All I know is that everytime I'm going through files on my computer and stumble upon it,I am transported to a far away place where there are no disruptions and little stress... A place where I can think clearly and calmly,feeling the warmth of the sun upon me & appreciating all of god's creations that are here on this earth for us to enjoy....

Today it also makes me think of how much I would love a much needed vacation with my family...


  1. I feel the same way..I am daydreaming about a time off...That would a perfect place...Ahhh:)
    Enjoy you Saturday:)

  2. Ditto!!! Sometimes a 2nd home is the #1 place to be...even if it's in your hard drive :) If that's the case, I have a ton of places to go! BTW, the title of this post followed by the visual was enough to make my heart stop. That was really funny :)