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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spiked Blueberry Lemonade...

Spiked Blueberry Lemonade Anyone?

Doesn't this look refreshing and make you happy? It makes me think of a nice summer night sitting  on our deck at our camp on Lake George... We are fortunate enough to have 2 weeks every summer at my husband's family camp... When the kids were little we didn't even have a TV there so every evening , after we put them to bed, we would sit out on the deck by the lake with a glass of wine and enjoy the night, the stars, the conversation with one another and reflect on how wonderful it is to slow down, and to be present in the moment...After our two weeks, we would say we were going to start doing this at home in the evening, even though the setting wasn't as picturesque... It sounds do-able, doesn't it? Not as easy as it sounds....and now they're teenagers.... Need I say more?

This recipe and photo is from Veggie Belly, a vegetarian website that has so many fun recipes! Check it out...This is definately one that I'm going to try....
We must all be thinking about summer and summer foods since Emily from cupcakes and cashmere just made a post also about how to make watermelon popsicles... So refreshing!

Have a wonderful day!

Jill says...


  1. Your camping trip sounds wonderful by Lake George...and to be sipping one of these too!

  2. it's really sunny and warm here in vancouver... summer is coming and these drinks look perfectly refreshing! plus, the photo is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Joanna!
    Thanks for your post. I guess I shouldn't have called it a camp. It is our lake house, but that's what we call them here in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The Adirondacks are famous since this is where a lot of the wealthiest families had their summer homes- The Vanderbilts, The Rockafellers etc... They were log homes back then but although rustic on the outside but huge complexes... We are 3 hours north of NYC so it was a remote getaway haven for these wealthy families...Check out this video on Youtube...Pretty interesting!

  4. Summers at your lake house sound amazing!

  5. this is delicious!! im going to have to make in on my own :)

    Anna Katrina

  6. Oh, that drink looks amazing! I'm definitely going to have to try it. Your evenings at Lake George also sound wonderful. My husband's grandparents live very near Lake George; it's so beautiful there.

  7. Hi Jill- Camping at the lake with a glass of wine - sounds wonderful. :) Thanks for mentioning "blogging" you have encouraged me to get mine going. See you on Tuesday.


  8. When I was going through a divorce from my first husband, my kids were 6 and 8 and my husband had left in July. It was such a tough summer to get through because all of their friends were on vacation and there we were in a half empty house trying to pick up the pieces. I vowed that we would go on a vacation every summer after that. My friend has a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire and that's where I took my children and parents every summer for years. No TV. No phone reception. Just a deck on the water, the stars and my kayak :)