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Sunday, April 18, 2010

God's Littlest Angels...

                                                                    God's Littlest Angels                                                          
                                                                     Haitian Baby Ministry

Having been a neonatal nurse for 19 years...
I have always had a soft spot in my heart for babies and children, but now in my forties I feel compelled more than ever to want to give pay it forward... make a difference...

 I have been wanting to go on a mission trip for quite some time and when I heard about the devastating effects of the earthquake that hit Haiti, I was so grief stricken seeing all of the babies,children and families that were injured and torn apart from their family members,that  I wished my life enabled me to just hop a plane to Port Au Prince and help out for a while. Unfortunately my commitments to my job and 3 teenagers make it impossible for me at this time. It's something that is definitely in my future though.

 As a  young child myself, while my older much more girly sister was playing with barbies and designing her own clothes for her paper dolls, I was obsessing over which baby doll I wanted  next and knew I had to wait for my next birthday or Christmas for it to arrive. If we visited a family that had a new baby, I would be whispering to my mother to ask her friend if I could hold the baby, and wouldn't stop pestering until she asked. Sometimes they would let me.

Fast forward to the present and I have worked as a nurse at Boston Children's Hospital and for the past 19 years have worked in a special care nursery on a labor and delivery unit. My sister on the other hand ended up in NYC for many years as a fashion designer and then made the switch to home interiors where she currently designs beautiful high end carpets at a company called Company C.where she is the director of design.

Isn't it funny how at 8 and 10 years old, our little personalities, likes and dislikes are already so distinct and strong?  It brings me back to the Haitian children, now more than ever, who are children like my sister and I once were  who had interests,hopes and dreams for their future who have now been ripped from their homes and or families and placed in orpanages. Many of these kids have had to have limbs amputated due to their houses crushing their little bodies. They need our help!

Aside from being a baby nurse with a big heart, I also have a love of vintage bags and jewelry and have a shop on etsy called didio. I update vintage bags to make them modern today adding antique jewelry and vintage embellishments. For each bag sold, I will donate 10% of my profit to God's Littlest Angels to help the children of Haiti. 

My mission for Handbags for Haiti is to give to this wonderful non profit organization that has a heart for the children of Haiti.... With my profit, I hope to save enough to go on a mission trip there myself to help out these precious children....

XO Jill


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